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Knowledge of acute inhalation toxicity and irritation potential is important for

establishing safe handling, packaging, labeling, transport and emergency response

procedures for chemicals. The US EPA High Production Volume Chemical Challenge,

and the EU REACH programs have further increased the need for inhalation toxicity


A UN treaty endorsed by the US, EU and others outlines a "Globally Harmonized

System” (GHS) of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. The GHS specifies 5

inhalation toxicity categories. The EPA has established a separate system that uses 4

toxicity categories.

Acute inhalation toxicity tests currently accepted within the GHS and EPA systems

involve in vivo 4 hr rat inhalation LC50 tests (OECD TG 403/436). In the current work,

a newly developed in vitro toxicity test was evaluated in comparison to the

established in vivo tests.

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         AFT-100 등등



         ALV-100-PE12 등등

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