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Is there a better way to study respiratory viral infection? 

                           A recent study suggests there is... 

Yearly influenza research is critical to identifying the prevalent influenza strains, their preventive vaccines, and antiviral therapies. 

A recent study by the University of Louisville compared pandemic and seasonal influenza viral replication and differentiation

in four cell lines (Calu-3, A549, MDCK and ud-NHBE cells) and an advanced in vitro human tissue model, EpiAirway. 

The study concluded that advanced in vitro human tissues, like EpiAirway, provide a more physiologically relevant

environment for viruses to replicate, and are an important component to understanding viral-host interactions

 Using in vitro models that closely mimic physiological conditions within the lungs in evaluating respiratory infections is an important approach in elucidation of potential differences between strains with different virulence.
-Gerlach, et al.