Inhalation Anesthesia

흡입 마취기용 여과 필터

(Waste Anesthesia Gas 흡착 필터)
VaporGuard™ Activated Charcoal Filter

제품 상세정보

VaporGuard™ Activated Charcoal Filter

100% Containment of Waste Anesthetic Gases

Waste Anesthesia Gas로부터 시술자를 보호

( 밀폐된 수술실에서 흡입 마취약이 대기 중으로 분산되어 시술자에게 노출되는 것을 방지해줌으로써 시술자의 안전을 지켜줌 )

* 흡입 마취기를 사용하는 동물병원, 실험실의 필수품 * 

A common hazard of inhalation anesthesia is the release of waste anesthetic gases into the breathing environment of the personnel.

In a recent independent study, VetEquip’s VaporGuard filter was shown to be the only filter that prevented waste anesthetic gas break-through when used as directed.

⦁ Activated charcoal filter proven more effective that others on the market

⦁ Effective in any position or orientation

⦁ Seamlessly incorporate into your existing SOP

Zero Anesthetic Break-Through*