Inhalation Anesthesia

Induction Chamber (마취 유도 챔버)

Induction Chamber
- 1 Liter
- 2 Liter
- 7 Liter
- 15 Liter

제품 상세정보

  Induction Chamber, 1 Liter

  3.75”W x 4.50”D x 3.75”H Designed for a single mouse or small rat

  Induction Chamber, 2 Liter

  3.75”W x 9.00”D x 3.75”H Designed for one mouse or a cage full,

   or a large rat up to approximately 650gm.

  Induction Chamber, 7 Liter

  8.25”W x 8.75”D x 5.75”H Designed for extra large rats, ferrets

  and small to medium rabbits. It can also be used for multiple animals.

  Induction Chamber, 15 Liter

  15.00”W x 7.50”D x 7.75”H Designed for large rabbits, cats

  and very small NHP’s. It can also be used for multiple animals