Inhalation Anesthesia

설치류등 소형 동물용 마취기 (IMPAC6 VetEquip)

설치류등 소형 동물용 마취기 小動物麻酔器

제품 상세정보

An anesthesia system designed for high volume, assembly-line type procedures.

⦁ Anesthesia can be induced and/or maintained in four chambers, individually or simultaneously.  

⦁ Bain non-rebreathing circuits on each side of the machine allow two investigators to perform procedures simultaneously.

⦁ Built-in CO2 chamber circuit eliminates the need for a separate euthanasia system, as well as offering the option of O2/CO2 short term anesthesia


⦁ 2 Breathing Circuits and 4 Induction Chambers allow investigator flexibility in designing custom "assembly line" protocols

⦁ Each circuit is has an "ON-OFF-FLUSH" switch to reduce operator errors and speed procedures

⦁ Separate O2 and CO2 flowmeters and chamber make euthanasia, O2 assisted recovery and O2 / CO2 anesthesia accessible and precise

⦁ Line pressure gauges create constant easy oversight of in-house gas supply

⦁ Single waste gas port and tube for less clutter


IMPAC6 - Integrated Multi Patient Anesthesia
Item Number: 901808 

Standard configuration includes flowmeters for oxygen and carbon dioxide; line    pressure gauges to indicate gas supply from in-house source; precision isoflurane vaporizer; four induction compartments; two breathing circuits; on/off/oxygen flush switches control each of the six circuits independently; separate recovery/euthanasia chamber; and a single waste-gas evacuation port.

The IMPAC6 Stands Out in a Crowded Field 

The IMPAC6 is designed and built unlike any other anesthesia system. The following features make it unique in its ability to allow the user to perform high numbers of multiple procedures in a environmentally safe, user friendly, cost and time effective manner that remains safe for the patients. The system comes complete – the only items you must add are the oxygen and CO2, the liquid anesthetic agent and the animals.

2 Systems in 1

Two separate systems in one compact and user friendly machine - the anesthesia system and the CO2/O2 system. The anesthesia system consists of four induction chambers and two breathing circuits. A fifth, and independent circuit channels oxygen and CO2 to a separate chamber. The oxygen can be used for recovery, the CO2 for euthanasia, or the two flowmeters can be set to mix O2/CO2 for short-term anesthesia procedures.

Reduces Investigator Exposure to Anesthetic Gases

All four induction chambers have positive sealing lid gaskets to contain anesthetic gases. Activating the oxygen flush bypasses the vaporizer and purges the anesthetic gas within the chambers through the evacuation manifold. When the control switch is released, it is spring-loaded to the OFF position–stopping the flow of gases to the chamber while animals are being introduced or removed. These features reduce the investigator's exposure to anesthetic gas.


Each chamber is equipped with an individual ON/OFF/FLUSH switch, allowing the user to control the flow of anesthetic gas and oxygen flush to a single chamber or any combination of chambers at one time. Investigators will find that a single setting on the vaporizer will induce and maintain anesthesia for extended periods and still allow rapid recovery.

Reduces Anesthetic Death Rate

The six nosecones supplied with the breathing circuits have virtually no dead space and help eliminate one cause of death under anesthesia - the rebreathing of the same air as it recirculates within a spacious mask. The resulting CO2 build up, combined with a lack of sufficient oxygen, can lead to death. The IMPAC6 nosecones are small funnels which fit snugly around the nose.

Assembly-line Procedures

There are two individual breathing circuits, one on either side of the IMPAC6, allowing two investigators to perform procedures simultaneously. In actual use, investigators who previously committed two full days to tumor implant procedures (using ketamine/xylazine) found they were able to complete all implants in one morning, freeing two investigators for a day and a half each week. At the same time their anesthetic death rate dropped from

9% (average) to 0%.

Less Clutter

An internal evacuation manifold collects the waste gases from all IMPAC6 circuits and channels them via a single outlet to the back of the system. This outlet accepts standard 22mm flexible, corrugated tubing which can then be extended to a charcoal filter, a non-recirculating air intake, a chemical fume hood or a down draft table. The entire machine measures only 22" wide, 18" deep and 28" high.

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