Inhalation Anesthesia

설치류 등 소형 동물용 마취기 COMPAC5

설치류 등 소형 동물용 마취기

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A revolutionary anesthesia system that combines the best features of every VetEquip system! The COMPAC5 has two independent breathing circuits and one to three independent vented induction chambers. 

⦁ All circuits, chamber or breathing, are independent of each other

⦁ All circuits have a "flip-switch" choice of 1/2 LPM, 1 LPM or OFF

⦁ Chambers are heated with standard warm water pump

⦁ All chambers and circuits are vented; no pollution, no chamber flushing

⦁ Set it on a counter top, carry it to the next room, tuck it in a cupboard, it's 13" x 13" x 15"

VetEquip COMPAC5 Complete Anesthesia System
Item Number: 901812  


The VetEquip COMPAC5 Accessories

The Vetquip COMPAC5 is designed to be a complete system when used with your existing warm water pump and in-house or freestanding exhaust systems. If you do not currently have one or both, the following equipment is available to complete your COMPAC5 System: 

Filter Mate Portable Extractor
Item Number: 935101

14" x 23" x 22 3/4"
Up to 250 CFM
Houses a carbon based filter cell, surrounded by a negative pressure plenum to capture and re-filter any leaks

Fume Extractor
Item Number: 934101

12' x 16" x 16" 120 CFM
Compact and lightweight. Available with one or two capture arms

Item Number: 933105
Cabinet has double filters 18" x 42 1/2" x 13 not incld. rear filter 

Extract-All Bench Top
Item Number: 933101

12" x 101/2 x 7" not incld. filter 

Gaymar Warm Water Pump
Item Number: 983105 

T-Pump provides a large water reservoir and temperature settings from 85° to 107° F with a high flow rate to assure uniform temperature across the pad. Has two overheat safety devices as well