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Side-Bi-Side Cells

PermeGear makes three different classes of Side-Bi-Side Cells.  The smallest class includes the most common Side-Bi-Side Cells having orifice diameters from 5mm to 15mm. The medium size class has orifice diameters up to 25mm.  The largest class has orific

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PermeGear Side-Bi-Side Cells

PermeGear horizontal diffusion cells are glass diffusion cells like Crown Glass Company's Side-Bi-Side cells. Standard Horizontal Cells have orifice diameters from 5mm to 15mm. Cell volumes are dependent on orifice diameter and customer specifications. After a membrane is placed between the cell halves, the Cell Clamp is placed around them. The adjusting knob is then gently tightened to hold the glass halves and membrane or device together. The assembly is then located over the stirring magnets of an H-Series Stirrer by placing the holes in the clamp over pins on the top of the unit. These cells are suited to iontophoresis work and are easily customized with additional porting, amberizing, etc.

When referring to Side-Bi-Side Cells, the word cell means both pieces of glass together. We supply our Side-Bi-Side Cells with stoppers and stirbars for both sides. The drawing below is a cross-sectional view of only the glass parts of a Side-Bi-Side Cell as viewed from above. We have chosen to show the right half of the cell as the donor half but either half may be used.




The drawing below is of a Side-Bi-Side Cell assembled together with the membrane, Cell Clamp, and stirbars, again as viewed from above. The clamping surfaces of Side-Bi-Side Cells are ground flat and will not leak even with thin dialysis membranes between them. Some researchers add vacuum grease to ensure a good seal with very thin membranes. We also can provide Teflon foam gaskets in various sizes if the membranes are uneven and need "filler" to help seal them. Note also the short piece of tubing connecting the heating jackets of both halves of the cell. We have chosen to illustrate the flow moving through the cell in one direction, but either direction is acceptable.



The third drawing is again of the same Side-Bi-Side Cell but showing an oblique view.




The fourth drawing is of the same Side-Bi-Side Cell but viewed from straight on. We have labeled more of the components to help illustrate the use of the cell.







The drawing below is of a Valia-Chien Cell which is generally the same as a Side-Bi-Side Cell except that there is an additional pinchclamp to hold the membrane in place. The membrane shown is a cornea and the joint is a spherical joint. Valia-Chien Cells are also available with o-ring, flat ground o-ring, or flat flange joints. Please note that the Cell Clamp for a Valia-Chien Cell is not the same as the Cell Clamp for a Side-Bi-Side Cell and that clamps for one variety of cell will not work properly for the other cells. There are also different stirrers for each kind of cell as the center-to-center distance for the stirbars in a Side-Bi-Side Cell is 29mm and the corresponding distance in Valia-Chien Cell is 41mm. For corneal work the Valia-Chien Cell must be used because there is no practical option for a Side-Bi-Side Cell to have a spherical surface. For nail permeation work we have Nail Adapters for use with a Side-Bi-Side Cell.



The sixth drawing is an oblique view of a Side-Bi-Side Cell with extra porting for iontophoresis work. Notice that one stopper on each side of the cell has a hole through it for running a wire with an electrode into the inner volumes of the cell.



Ordering Information - Part numbers are made up of four 2-character codes separated by hyphens.

  • 1st code is cell type: 5G is for a standard cell
  • 2nd code is joint type: 00 is a flat ground joint, 03 is for a spherical joint (for corneal work)
  • 3rd code is glass type: 00 is for clear glass, 01 is for amberized glass
  • 4th code is orifice diameter in millimeters, 05 through 15
  • A 5th code may be added to specify custom volumes
  • Examples
    • #5G-00-00-12 is for a 12mm cell with clear glass
    • #5G-00-01-09-02 is for a 9mm cell with amberized glass and 2ml volumes



PermeGear Horizontal Cell - Exploded Top View





PermeGear Horizontal Cell Clamp


PermeGear Horizontal Cell Assembly - Top View



PermeGear Horizontal Cell Assembly - Front View